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APPLICATION: Add 1 gallon to 100 gallons of water. Can be used at more concentrated proportions. Use directly on animal bedding. Simply remove waste, when ever possible, and apply directly on bedding. Best results, apply on bedding 24 hours or less before placing animals in housing. Can be used on premisses every time they are cleaned, or while inhabited. Regular use is recommended for optimal results. Concentrated product comes in 32 oz, 64 oz,1, 5, 55 gal containers. Can be applied at the rate of 1.5 oz per 100 oz of water.
POULTRY HOUSES:Apply 24 hours or less before placement, of poultry in houses or as needed. 1 gallon can cover a 600 feet long by 40 feet wide poultry house.
HORSE STABLES: Apply directly to bedding, then every day after cleaning on fecal & urine spots with a garden sprayer container. Can be applied in soiled spots daily after manure is picked from stable floor. Apply where urine concentrates in soil or bedding.
PIG HOUSES: Spray directly on floors or walls daily, or after cleaning, where urine & feces accumulate.

MILKING PARLORS: Spray directly on floors after washing floors.

FEED LOTS: Spray directly on ground where feces & urine accumulate. Use daily. 

RABBITRY: Apply on ground in the area where manure and urine collects. It is safe to apply in operations where worms beds are used.

 INGREDIENTS: Beneficial Microorganisms & Digestive Enzymes, Safe for all applications.


For larger containers than one gallon, please contact us for prices and mode of shipping.

 Control Ammonia Effectively with PRO-VITAL® Technology  and Improve your Flock Health

Introduced in 1998, PRO-VITAL® Technology is widely used in over 140 countries in all forms of agriculture and livestock management to clean water, control odor, manage wastes, and promote healthier animals.


  • Reduce levels of harmful pathogens
  • Reduce ammonia levels
  • Prevent corrosion

 PRO-VITAL  is offered as a liquid microbial product including three strains from four groups of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria: Yeast, Photosynthetic Bacteria, and Lactic Acid Bacteria. PRO-VITAL contains dozens of enzymes (including lipase, protease, and cellulase), trace minerals, amino acids, and vitamins that help it establish a pleasant environment and create safer levels or decrease levels of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. It improves the quality of water for greater consumption, helps control pathogens by competitive exclusion, controls and reduces odors in livestock operations and dramatically enhances total digestible nutrients.

 Optimal health of the poultry operation is achieved when PRO-VITAL ODOR GONE is applied from the time young chicks arrive from the hatchery, until the day they leave. The entire system, from feed to waste management is included in the process. PRO-VITAL offers the solution to help manage healthy poultry operations.

 ODOR GONE is a liquid product containing naturally occurring live microorganisms from three genus and their metabolites. It is completely safe for humans, animals, and the planet.

 PRO-VITAL’S ODOR GONE controls ammonia that burns feet and breasts and causes blindness in birds. Ammonia will severely damage the lungs of the birds, making them more susceptible to infections and pathogens. High levels of ammonia can be lethal. Ammonia will also make a undesirable environment for the operator. The average poultry house has about 20-29 ppm of ammonia. A healthy operation needs much lower ammonia levels. High levels of ammonia will decrease the profits by mortality and lower feed conversion; it will also lower the weight of the birds and stunts growth. In layer operations, it will lower egg production and fertility.

 Users of PRO-VITAL’S ODOR GONE show ammonia levels as low as 0ppm (average 5-6ppm). Ammonia supports putrefaction and pathogen growth. PRO-VITAL’S ODOR GONE has an antioxidant effect and resists putrefaction, prevents noxious odors, and controls pathogen growth. The longer the birds are in the house the more effective the product becomes, this is due to the beneficial growth of the microorganisms that feed on the ammonia, and to the incrase degrading of toxic waste.

 The method below is for broilers. Layers are in production for longer periods and require repeated applications of ODOR GONE Apply ODOR GONE through a misting or fogging system to control the odors in the poultry houses.

 Prior to Placement of Birds (2 to 3 days in advance)

 (Once per flock):

 1. Use ODOR GONE to clean poultry housing.

 2. Spray & wash all surfaces of poultry housing with a diluted solution of

 ODOR GONE in water at a 1:500 ratio.

 3. Add litter at the rate of 1 gallon to 100 gallons of water.

 4. Spray or top-dress ODOR GONE onto litter at 1 gallon per 100 Gallons of water (1 gallon per 24,000 square feet) of housing. Dilute in just enough water to cover floors.

 5. Total ODOR GONE per house will vary by size of the house and the age of the litter. The older the litter, the more concentrated the application.

  INDICATIONS: Use in all situations where you desire control of fecal and ammonia odors from urine. Beneficial micro-organisms will consume and eliminate ammonia producing bacteria, & will degrade fecal matter by consuming or by degrading enzymes, eliminating odors and the habitat for flies to feed and breed.

USE: Use sprayer, dilute one part ODOR GONE to a hundred part with water, or use at more concentrated proportions. Important: A Bio-active supplement to reduce odors. This product contains digestive enzymes, avoid excessive inhalation, wash hands and equipment thoroughly after use. Experience may show that more or less product is needed for effective control of odors. Keep out of reach of children. Proprietary formula: Microbial ingredients in this product are GRASS SAFE. Approved and general recognized as safe by US authorities.