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Provital Animal Health & Nutrition was founded by Dr. Cesar Mena, a practicing veterinarian of over thirty years. Dr. Mena saw the need for a high quality nutritional product that did not cut corners in quality. With the help of professional nutritionists and his clinical experience with a variety of animal species, Dr. Mena was able to find a combination of quality ingredients to use in all of the product in Pro-Vital.This special combination highly benefited the health, reproduction and physical appearance and health of those animals that were using the Pro-Vital products. It was then decided to make this product available to the public through Provital Animal Health and Nutrition, a Florida corporation created to manufacture high quality products, so everyone could benefit from all of these great nutritional supplements. Within Pro-VitalĀ® are Probiotics, which are beneficial live cultures of microorganisms that include: Lactobacillus, Bifido bacterium, beneficial liveYeasts, and more!

Many of our formulas contain ingredients that benefit animals beyond all of those regular products found in the market today.

Pro-Vital has gone through extreme efforts to make sure that all of the ingredients that are used are the best found in the markets today.

Pro-Vital products are used with our personal animals and livestock farms. Pro-Vital has been in the business of animal health for over 15 years helping pet owners and farmers maintaining and enhancing their animals health and well-being.

Pro-Vital is one of the leaders in quality animal health products.