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These microorganisms are grown on a sterilized semi-solid medium specifically for use in animal feed and are designated Primary Total Fermentation Products. They are not by-products or residues of some fermentation process, hence the name Primary. Total means that the entire growth medium is harvested, not just the microbial cells, Live Yeast, Probiotics and enzymes, etc. Therefore, PRO-VITAL’S  LIVESTOCK REFORMER contains all the microbial cells and enzymes that have been produced and the final Fermentation Product is not just a few microbial cells on a large amount of inert carrier as is common in a variety of competing direct-fed microbial products being sold. Use in Cattle Dairy, Beef, Goats Dairy, Meat, Sheep Dairy, or use in poultry rations.

Utilizing the latest advances in fermentation technology, an old standby has been made better. By engineering a yeast fermentation process from scratch, specifically for feeders and feed mills and settling for not less than the highest standards in product quality and activity. PRO-VITAL’S REFORMER provides in one product a concentrated source of yeast Probiotics and enzyme activities.

Each pound of PRO-VITAL’S REFORMER has yeast you can smell and activity you can see for a cost of pennies per day. This highly palatable and pleasing product is prepared through painstaking hours of fermentation and careful drying to preserve the activities. There is no pound sold before it passes a rigid quality assurance program to assure the proper yeast and enzyme activities in the finished product. Each ounce of PRO-VITAL’S REFORMER contains not less than 25 billion yeast cells.

Food quality yeast is maintained and fermented in stainless steel reactors, then is applied at just the right time to a medium of the first quality feedstuffs, minerals and sugars. All the media forPRO-VITAL’S REFORMER is steam cooked to release special nutrients, flavors, and to pasteurize it prior to contact with the yeast.

Each lot of PRO-VITAL’S REFORMER is allowed to ferment for hours in special chambers under strict environmental control.  It is then dried, ground, tested, blended with the other bioactive ingredients that have also passed rigid quality control.  From here it is packaged and released for shipment only if the lot meets all minimum guaranteed specs.

PRO-VITAL’S REFORMER is a bioactive animal feed product of special microorganisms (bacteria, fungi and yeasts) selected for their ability to provide large amounts of digestive enzymes and beneficial effects on the livestock..

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