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Our Brewers Yeast Supplement, enriched with Biotin and a comprehensive B-Vitamin Complex, offers an exceptional nutritional solution for your pet's wellness. This supplement is crafted from the finest quality of Brewers Yeast, scientifically known as Saccharomyces cervisiae, making it an excellent natural source of protein, B vitamins, and essential nutrients crucial for maintaining healthy skin and a radiant coat.

Key Benefits:

  • Natural B-Vitamin Complex: Supports the nervous system and promotes the health of skin, hair, eyes, and liver.
  • Rich in Antioxidants: Contains selenium, an antioxidant nutrient that combats oxidative stress by neutralizing free radicals, thus protecting cellular integrity.
  • Protein Source: Provides essential amino acids for overall well-being.
  • Promotes Lustrous Coats: Highly regarded in the show circuit and among professional groomers, our Brewers Yeast enhances coat sheen and texture when used alongside Omega-6 fatty acid supplements.
  • Appetite Enhancement: The powder form, favored for its palatability, is designed to enhance appetite and can be easily mixed with food.
  • Lawn Grass Saver: Acts as a urine pH neutralizer, contributing to the maintenance of your lawn's health.

Formulated for ease of use, our powder supplement can be administered as a top dressing or mixed directly into your pet's food. Its appealing flavor ensures acceptance, making nutritional supplementation an enjoyable experience for your pet.

Directions for Use:

  • For dogs weighing less than 25 lbs: Use 1/4 of a small scoop per 10 lbs.
  • For dogs over 25 lbs: Use 1/4 of a large scoop for each 25 lbs.

Choose our Brewers Yeast Supplement with Biotin and B-Vitamin Complex for a holistic approach to your pet's health, ensuring they receive the essential nutrients for a vibrant, healthy life.


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