About Us

Welcome to Pro-Vital Animal Health Inc.®, a family-owned business that has been providing high-quality nutritional supplements for animals for the past 20 years. Our passion for animal health and wellness started when our father, who was a veterinarian, began researching and creating nutritional supplements for our own animals. Being a veterinarian isn’t only about medicine, but nutrition as well, and our father was not only interested in animal nutrition, but devoted his work and efforts on creating and contributing to the then, small market, of animal supplements.

Since our company’s establishment, we, as a family-owned business, have been dedicated to creating effective, all-natural supplements that support the health and wellbeing of all kinds of animals, from cats and dogs to birds of prey, pigeons, pocket pets, and reptiles. Our supplements are made with only the highest quality, ethically sourced ingredients, and are carefully crafted to meet the unique nutritional needs of each species and individual animal.

At Pro-Vital Animal Health Inc.®, we believe that good nutrition is the foundation of good health, and we are committed to helping animals live their best lives. We are proud to be a family-owned and operated business, and we treat our customers and their animals like part of our own family.

Thank you for choosing Pro-Vital Animal Health Inc.® for your animal's nutritional needs and we are confident that you will see that “WE MAKE THE DIFFERENCE”. We look forward to serving you and your furry, feathered, scaley, or four-legged friends!

All of our products have been designed by Veterinarians and Animal Nutritionists, with both laboratory and field tests. Our constant development and research efforts on our products and services are supported and endorsed by studies at universities, research institutions, and in the field by professionals and other practicing individuals.


Our company Pro-Vital Animal Health Inc.® produces animal nutritional supplements and do not produce medications nor vaccines, veterinary or otherwise.

Our blends of nutritional supplements do not contain any animal products, carcinogens, or known contagions. Pro-Vital Animal Health Inc.® products are for animal use and/or consumption only and should only be used as directed on the label instructions and not off label for any other purposes. None of our products are intended for human use and/or consumption of any kind. 




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