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Dr. Cesar Mena, DVM
Pro-Vital Health.
P.O. Box 817
Live Oak, Florida 32064

Dear Dr. Mena

I first tried ProVital Health in 2006. Dr. Mena told me of this product he had developed and asked me to try it on the birds we use in our programs. He made no claims of the product at all. He just asked me to try it. I read the product information to see that it ProVital has many qualities, including pro-biotics and electrolytes. I first tried the product and noted some differences in the birds. First of all the mutes. They were healthier looking with whiter and clearer urates and a firmer fecal. I always observe the mutes of our birds, to determine their general health and well-being. This is the effect of the probotics in Pro-Vital Health. One bird I have is a permanently injured peregrine falcon. When I first obtained him as a non-releasable educational bird, I noted that it was hard to keep his weight up. I started him on Raptor Boost and he now keeps his weight at a healthier 470 grams. His response weight is around 430-450 grams.

Another bird that we have with special nutritional needs is a gyr/peregrine with epileptic seizures from high intensity flights on game. The bird would shudder with no control, yet aware of itself. The seizures were not fatal, but the falcon would fall out of the sky without control. On warm days, when he is hot and excited, he would also go into these seizures. I would supervise him during an episode, to make sure he does not injure himself. This makes the bird susceptible to injury when crash landing, plus it makes it an attractive target to other predators, eagles, red-tailed and ferruginous hawk, owls, and on the ground, coyotes, foxes and feral dogs. Some had tried selenium supplements and they have had success in stopping these seizures. I did the same with this bird, adding Pro-Vital Raptor Boost (which contains selenium) to his diet (whole quail). He has not had a seizure since this addition.

We have a male hybrid falcon with feather issues. His feathers grow in, but break off about 1 inch out. This happens only on his wing feathers, especially the primaries. Pro Vital has helped improve his plumage since it has been added.

When a bird is ‘under the weather’ I also add Pro-Vital. It helps with their general health and well-being.

I like and recommend this product because of the following benefits I’ve noticed in my birds.

Cleaner, healthier mutes, with lower odor.

Better plumage and overall appearance.

A general ‘happier’ and more energetic and responsive demeanor in all of our birds, which include Golden Eagles, Red-tailed hawks, Harris’ hawks, Falcons, and owls.

I feel that Pro-Vital Boost and Breeder should be part of any raptor’s regime.

Provital Health needs a bit of special handling when using this product. I keep the pouch in my refrigerator. When I’m adding to the hawk’s daily rations. I sprinkle the product (about 2 tablespoons) on a paper plate. I then close the packet with a binder clip and put it back in the fridge to keep it from caking. I take the paper plate to the birds being fed and I sprinkle in on their cut up daily ration, interior up. This assures that the vitamins are coated on the bird’s food ration and will be consumed. I then use the paper plate for the remainder for our special needs American Kestrel which cannot feed normally, she gets finely cup up food. She has a deformed beak and lost her talons due to a bird-strike and was found alive in a cargo jet engine.

Try this product, I think you will find these benefits too.

Kitty Tolson Carroll.

Pigeon Products:


I wanted to let you know that I have been using your Pigeon Breeders Plus for the past 3 years now and my youngsters come out very robust. In 2010 it was my first year using your Pigeon Boost. I used it on Wednesday - Thursday and took it away at noon on Friday at the rate of three tablespoons per gallon. Come Friday they looked like racing machines, they had huge pectoral muscles the breast was solid and lean. If I knew the race wasn't going to be a good one I put it back in the water at the same rate. Several hours after returning my birds looked like they could do it all over again.

I won 11 times 1st in my club. 1st, 3rd, 4th, 6th and 8th Ace Young Bird all Minnesota - 1st Champion Bird Twin City Concourse - 1st Champion Loft Twin City Concourse - 2nd Average Speed Concourse with the same yards per minute as the winning loft.
I have to say your product works and works fast.
Bourgoin Family Lofts
Jon & Dave Bourgoin


I use your Pigeon Boost with my daily feeding which consists of 1 tablespoon to 2.5 lbs of feed. I noticed the results immediately, my first race which I placed 18th first in 100 mile race. The birds had to also fly with extreme weather condition which include heavy rains and heat. The product gave my birds the additional boost they needed. I highly recommend this product to current and future Pigeon flyer's. I'm totally satisfied with Pigeon Boost.

Best Regards,

Andy's Loft
Spring Hill Florida

I have been using pro vital pigeon breeder plus for years. After a brief sickness with the birds a few years back I was finding it hard getting the birds back in condition after medication. I was reading an article in the Digest about this product. It seemed to have everything the birds needed. After a brief time of routine use I noticed the birds were vibrant and looking good. Very good. I continued thru these past years giving my breeders pro vital thru-out the year. Helps with maintaning good condition during the moult, after medications and especially when raising the youngsters.Keeps the birds healthy during the stress periods. Personally I think its the best on the market today. I have recommended this to many of my pigeon flyer friends. I will say that my youngsters leave here to compete in heavy competition in the New England area in excellent health which I feel carries over into helping them fly as well as they do. From the egg to 30 days old gives the bird the start it needs to win, and my birds do win. Army bands were 2nd and 3rd overall New England Open 2011 old bird series and 1st champion bird old birds 2011 Boston concourse. 2010 ybs were also a top year for my birds. Again, from the breeder to the youngster, it really gives my birds the health needed to compete in todays competition.

George Kittredge

ALLBIRD Products:


I just wanted to say that I have been using the ALLBIRD ECONOMY PLUS vitamins for my Bobwhite Quail and Australorp Chickens now for about a year and I have noticed big improvements in the overall health of my birds. Their plumage shines deeper, healthy dry looking poo, the odor of the poo is controlled with little if any smell, and the pro and prebiotics work wonders on the intestinal tract. No more enteritis, diarrhea or other intestinal issues. And their energy level has gone way up, their eyes are brighter and their appetites are hardier. I am just now finishing my first 28oz bag and have ordered another. I love the product and so do my birds!

Two Crows Ranch

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